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Dura-Bar is stocked in several grades of ductile iron and gray iron, as well as additional non-stock grades which can be ordered in volume quantities from our distributors. The type and distribution of graphite influences most of the properties and results in the free machining characteristics, excellent noise and vibration damping, thermal conductivity and wear resistance.


Ductile Irons

Dura-Bar 65-45-12 and 80-55-06 ductile irons conform to ASTM A536, and are often used as an alternative to plain carbon steel, having similar strengths with excellent free machining properties.

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Gray Irons

Dura-Bar gray irons have flake configurations corresponding to ASTM Type VII, D or A, fitting a variety of applications requiring strength, vibration damping, heat treat response, wear resistance and machining finish.

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Dura-Bar XL

Dura-Bar XL permanent mold ingots expand the Dura-Bar size range to 26" diameter in grades 65-45-12 ductile and G2 gray. Ingots are proof turned to provide an excellent machining surface and there is no sand involved in the process.

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Centerless turning, grinding, trepanning and milling are among the finishing options available for demanding-tolerance applications. Benefits include eliminating rough milling operations and removing the as-cast surface to increase insert life.

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Stock Sizes

Dura-Bar offers over 1,000 individual sizes, providing you near-net shapes and saving valuable machine time. Filter by shape, grade and surface to find the closest size for your application.

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Why Dura-Bar?

What is your competition doing to save time and money? How does the quality of the material you use stack up? Are lead times ever a concern?

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