Engineering driven... building price-performance into the product.

Engineering is a vital function at Dura-Bar. It's not just bar stock. It is engineered iron. Everything we do is engineered to make Dura-Bar the most consistent and fastest machining iron bar on the market. This allows the customer to make the lowest cost part.

The company's professional staff of metallurgists, machining specialists and engineers is trained to assist customers in designing applications, providing technical support and identifying new applications – all with the focus of lowering the cost of the final product.

Dura-Bar Engineering

The company's engineering department employs the latest in design and testing programs for manufacturing and product improvements. Extensive Dura-Bar procedures include computer-monitoring, critical temperature control, microstructure verification and spectrochemical analysis.


Dura-Bar has instituted an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process approach for engineering design, manufacturing and quality assurance. The goal is for decreased lead times, increased manufacturing capabilities and delivery of the highest quality product, on time, every time.

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